Play on the Plaza!


Upcoming Play:
April 13: Flagging
May 11: Impact Play

Join us for Play on the Plaza every second Saturday of the month!  A free community event that’s designed to ignite some spark in your life!  Each month we feature a different local bay area BDSM, Kink, Leather or LGBTQ group right on Eagle Plaza!  

Flagging is our April play theme! Special Guest Liam Ocean from Flagging in the Park will host and enthrall us with their art of spinning colorful flags!  Bring your flags and join the fun, some flags will be available for anyone learning. Liam will be answering questions and helping those who want to learn or improve their skills of this master craft! Join us as we take to the streets to create lively, colorful visuals and help us create the energy of life, creativity and unabashed joy in who we are by flagging and dancing to the beats of our amazing DJ Paul Goodyear.  

Kink / Fetish Vendor Mart:
boy zander bootblacking
Downtown Armor
Garaje Gooch
GlamPunk Art
Leather Legends
Legacy Tarot by Alexandria
Rhea Adri Art
Rose Glow
Skin on Skins
Trans Art by Arien Reed

Chair Yoga with Mukunda Studio
Free Spinal Screening with Hernandez Chiropractic

Thank you to Folsom Street and SOMA West CBD for their invaluable help with these events.

Saturday April 13, 2024 – 12 noon to 5pm
At Eagle Plaza

12th Street, between Folsom and Harrison

Vendors!  Entertainment!  Gear Swap!
Wear your Gear

Impact Play Area (Coming May ’24)

Free Admission!
Donations welcome!

Vendors Invited!
Priority is given to local artists, makers and service providers.
This month’s vendor info.
Vendor Booth Application

If you are making room in your closet or dungeon,
Bring leather or kinky gear, toys or clothing to sell or donate.
Gear Swap Info

Volunteers Needed!
Contact to sign up!

See who else is coming by checking Plura  (formerly known as Bloom)!

Nudity is welcome. Alas, sexplay is not.
Impact play coming to future events.

The SF Eagle Bar invites you to a special Saturday Beer Bust that afternoon, from 3 to 6 pm, benefiting the Cat Club, (the bar in SOMA that was recently impacted by a serious crime).

Name That Park!

Name the New Park After Rachele Sullivan

  • A new park is being built at 11th and Natoma Streets, half a block from the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District.
  • The Rec and Parks Department solicited community input into naming the park, and we proposed that the park be named after Rachele Sullivan, one of the founders of our Cultural District and a prominent figure in SOMA’s Filipino community.
  • Other names were proposed, and a preliminary survey narrowed the options down to six.
  • A run-off survey is now in process.  Please vote in this survey. 
  • We encourage you to vote for Rachele Sullivan, a woman who proudly embodied the intersection of the queer, leather, Filipino, Indigenous, and disabled communities.
  • We need you to take this survey even if you took the earlier one.
  • Thanks!

Golden Dildeaux Awards

Voting is Open!

The candidates were exposed at our Nominations Reveal Party on March 16.
Check out some fun event pictures. 
See the nominees, and vote for your favs.

Golden Dildeaux Award Nominees: 1. The TOP of Them All... (The "They Who MUST BE OBEYED" Award) Domina Atua Leo Peralta Marilyn Hollinger Sir Hex Sumiko Saulson Mauskaveli ________________________________________ 2. Best in RUBBER... (The "Slippery When Wet" Award) AJ Huff Austin LaCrosse Rush Stephen Cesaro ________________________________________ 3. BEST LOOKING ASS in the Bay Area... (The "Full Moon" Award) Ariel Sky Ivy Limieux Joshua Munoz Manny Ojeda Pony (Marc Owens) ________________________________________ 4. QUEEREST OF THE QUEER... (The "Over the Rainbow" Award) Byrd Bannick Eric Press Jack Stehn Staci Everheart Star D ________________________________________ 5. Best PUPPY HANDLER... (The "FETCH!" Award) Alpha Pup Mark Hankins Alpha Pup Savage aka Jamal Mama Kat Nunca Sola Tim Pupsker Kiss ________________________________________ 6. FIERCEST FEMME... (The "Sexy Siren" Award) Alecia Burley Marilyn Hollinger Michele Horn Davis Raquela Singer Reika Minixie ________________________________________ 7. Best LEATHER FASHIONISTA... (The "Brazen Runway" Award) Jawn Marques Jessamy Barker Jose Fabulosa Flores Kara Plaxa Troy Brunet ________________________________________ 8. Your FAVORITE SILVER FOX... (The "Hot Daddy" Award) Cal Callahan Dandy Buckley Jim Stokes Kevin Harding-Toy Race Bannon ________________________________________ 9. Best IMPACT PLAYER-BOTTOM... (The "Black & Blue" Award) Eric See Kayla Jennings Pup Jake Robert Callbeck Tammy Lg Hatter ________________________________________ 10. The HOTTEST CIGAR SMOKER... (The "Smoke Ring" Award) Graylin Thornton Marc Pony Owens Race Bannon Ray DeRenzis ________________________________________ 11. GOLDEN SHOWER Lover... (The "Fire Hydrant" Award) David Hayes David Hyman Staci Everheart Tim Pupskers Kiss ________________________________________ 12. Most VERSATILE Player... (The "Orange Hankie" Award) Madame Madora Stephen Cesaro Steve Ibarra Val Langmuir ________________________________________ 13. Best CUDDLE BEAR... (The "Honey Pot" Award) Aaron Cruz Badger Daniel Huggybear Cherry Patrick Stephenson BEARPAD Zeke Lopez ________________________________________ 14. Best BOOTBLACK... (The "Spit Shine" Award) Innocent Micky Ordaz Sky Russell zander- Bootblack ________________________________________ 15. Biggest PIG... (The "Hole Hog" Award) David Hyman Devin Musiol Pig Zero Tonka ________________________________________ 16. HORSE HUNG Stud... (The "Dick of Death" Award) AJ Huff Andre Steens Graylin Thornton Logan Hawke FF Steve Geist ________________________________________ 17. Best PUPPY... (The "Best in Show" Award) Alpha Pup Savage Pup Agera Pup Jake Pup Jingles Pup Loadz ________________________________________ 18. BUTCHEST WOMAN... (The "Serious Swagger" Award) Dandy Buckley Myra Krantz Nunca Sola Rio Spooner Val Langmuir ________________________________________ 19. NOVICE PLAYER of the Year... (The "Rookie" Award) Daniel Snow Louis Milne Paul Elterlein Raquel Strat ________________________________________ 20. Favorite BARE CHEST CALENDAR Guy ... (The "Man of the Month" Award) Ben Perez Ces Reg Manny Ojeda Marco Mania Sam Wren ________________________________________ 21. Best Power FISTING-BOTTOM... (The "Golden Gape" Award) Alex Seidel Kevin Stone Luis Strobe Canales Tammy Lg Hatter Tim Pupskers Kiss ________________________________________ 22. Best INSTIGATOR... (The "Troublemaker" Award) Badger Ben Perez Drew Ward Kelly Rivera Hart Zack Attack Sanderson ________________________________________ 23. Best Drag or Burlesque Performer... (The "Big Slay" Award) Ariel Sky Jamie D Bauchery Newonce Sadie Payne Suppositori Spelling ________________________________________ 24. BEST SEX in the Bay Area... (The "Orgasmatron" Award) Austin LaCrosse Lincoln Anderson Pup Loadz Reika Minxie


The Party also featured a special performance by Mary Vice!
  • Voting is now open! 
  • Voting is open until 5 pm on Thursday, April 25.
  • Votes are $1 apiece, benefiting the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District, helping to keep SOMA Kinky and Queer!
  • All voting is online, and unlimited!
  • Vote early!  Vote often! 
  • Standings released on Wednesdays.

Attend the Awards Presentation!

The Awards Ceremony happens on Saturday,  April 27, from 6 to 8 pm, at the SF Eagle.  See who wins and can claim bragging rights! 

Remember: Hollywood stars get an Oscar.  SOMA stars get a Woody!  

Visit the Golden Dildeaux page!

Time left to vote for your favorites:

Timely Reminders

The next online meeting of the Communications Committee will be Thursday, April 11, from 6 to 7 pm.  Communications Committee Zoom linkFacebook page. Contact the committee chair.

The next Play on the Plaza is this Saturday, April 13, from 12 noon to 5 pm, at Eagle Plaza (12th Street, between Folsom and Harrison). Vendors! Entertainment! Gear Swap!  Play on the Plaza details.  Facebook page.  SF Eagle Beer Bust.

The next meeting of the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District Board of Directors will be Wednesday, April 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. As always, all are welcome to attend, and time is reserved for public comment.  ASL interpretation provided if requested ten days in advance. To participate, use the Board of Directors Meeting Zoom link, or call 1-408-638-0968 and use Meeting ID: 847 8906 0820 and Passcode: 972086.    Facebook pageDraft agenda.  Minutes of past Board meetings. Please contact if you have questions.

The next Erotic Storytelling Hour is a very special Wednesday evening session.  It is set for Wednesday, April 24, from 8 to 9 pm.  This special edition features nominees for the Golden Dildeaux Awards! You will be able to vote for them until 5 pm on Thursday, April 25.   Erotic Storytelling Hour information pageFacebook PageZoom link, Videos of some of our past evenings!  (Be 18+!)

Voting for the Golden Dildeaux Awards ends at 5 pm on Thursday. April 25.  Votes cost $1 each.  All vote dollars go to help the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District keep SOMA kinky and queer! Vote!

The next meeting of the Arts and Culture Committee is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, from 6 to 7 pm.  Arts and Culture Committee Facebook page.  Please contact the Committee chair to get on the mailing list for this Committee, or for more info!

The Golden Dildeaux Awards Ceremony happens on Saturday. April 27, from 6 to 8 pm at the SF Eagle.  Don’t miss it!  Facebook link.

The next online Diversity & Membership Committee meeting is set for Thursday, May 2, at 6 pm PDT.   Diversity & Membership Committee Zoom link. Facebook page.  Contact the Committee chair.

The next online meeting of the Land Use Committee Meeting is set for Monday, May 13, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Land Use Committee Meeting Zoom Link. Facebook page.  Contact the committee chair.

The Fundraising Committee meets as needed.  Please contact the Fundraising Committee chair to get on the mailing list for this Committee, or for more info!

A Governance and Legislation Committee meeting will be scheduled when needed. Please contact the Governance and Legislation Committee chair to sign up, or for more info!

We send out a newsletter each month, right before our Board Meeting.  Do you get it?
If not, view a recent newsletter here, then sign up to get it monthly.

Speaking of newsletters, the SOMA West Community Benefit District does a great one, highlighting events — both social and political — affecting our part of the City.  Subscribe to the SOMA West Community Benefit District newsletter.

San Francisco has nine Cultural Districts, each supporting a unique aspect of the City’s cultural mosaic.  Links to each of them are here. For more in-depth coverage, you can subscribe to a Cultural Districts newsletter, published quarterly by the Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development.

We keep adding links to our Resource Guide page.  Use it!

Threats to our South of Market businesses and institutions can arise quickly, and may require a quick community response.  SOMA Action network sign-up link.

If you have not yet seen it, please read our Statement of Solidarity, and consider what you personally can do to fight racism, injustice, and abuse of police power.

The next meeting of the Board of the Friends of Eagle Plaza is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  To be added to the “Friends of Eagle Plaza” mailing list, click here.  To make a donation to the Friends of Eagle Plaza, click here. To stay up to date, like and follow them on Facebook.  To learn more about the Plaza’s design, construction and stewardship, click here, or write to

Overdose Prevention in Nightlife

Please view this video:


Overdose Prevention in Nightlife – Training Video

(See also Cultural District Sponsors Narcon Training)

CHHESS Report Presented to Community

Community input from focus groups, interviews and a town hall meeting have been compiled into the strategies contained in our city-mandated Cultural History, Housing, and Economic Sustainability Strategies (CHHESS) Report.  The contents were presented at an open community forum on Wednesday (11/29/23).

View a recording of the presentation here.

The Board of Supervisors and the Mayor will decide whether to approve the report in 2024. When approved it will serve as a roadmap of priorities and strategies for stabilizing our cultural community.

When it goes to the Board of Supervisors, we will ask for your support through letters or speaking at the City Hall hearing. To receive an email notice when the hearing is scheduled, join our SOMA Action Network here.

We will post the full CHHESS Report (when the final version is ready), and additional updates and information, on our “CHHESS Status” page, here.

Folsom Street Cleanup

The folks of TogetherSF have organized a weekly “West SOMA Cleanup”, on Saturday afternoons from 4 to 5 pm.

Volunteers meet at Driftwood (1225 Folsom St) to grab supplies and form a crew.

Stay afterwards for a free drink on the house!

Join the Civic Joy Fund, RefuseRefuseSF, Shine On, SF Public Works, and TogetherSF for this friendly neighborhood cleanup!

Kudos to Marc Morozumi of Mukunda Studios for all he’s done to make this happen.

Sign up now!.  Questions: